Why? Every Face Matters

eyesThere is something to be said about humanity…. the essence of.

That we, people in fact, were actually created in the image of God. With such intention. That each of us are set a part, specific, anything but ordinary. And we all very much matter. There is something sacred to me about looking at someone…to see them. To actually look into someone’s eyes and recognize that the eyes were given to see and the lips to speak.

When I see a world I see people with faces. I try, although missing the mark at times, to truly “see” people. How cliche it may sound, but I often wonder if we actually see each other. Or have we become numb to that reality of life. Because if we do see, we would understand that each one of us represents a divine story and each one is very necessary to the whole. The “created” set apart by the “creator” in whom vision and dreams, purpose and meaning are given to. Each one called to a specific lane and graced with a specific task to carry out – all necessary items to bring to the table. How boring life would be otherwise. So I find myself pausing in the ask… Why not celebrate the diversity? Why not champion each other? Why not fight for that which is true and pure and for those who feel less than? Why not encourage others to dream and dare. Risk. Even if it looks different. Yah……….

When I see a world, I see faces. And each and every face matters.

Luke 7:44 Then He turned to the woman and said to Simon, Do you see this woman…..


{- james keller}