I Have Been Disobedient

It is true. I have been passionately disobedient. Deliberately disobedient in fact. Running from something that was asked of me to carry out for three years now. Something that is almost laughable. Not complicated.

I don’t know about you, but there are things in my life that I have been called to do (h e l l o –  see previous introduction), even created to do and yet have ran from. Avoided. Created excuses as to why I shouldn’t, wouldn’t and therefore determine that the “no” to the ask was justified.

Well, here is a big “Yah, NO”. That’s a bogus lie that most of us have given license to. The excuse. Because truth reveals that in the running from, a thorn of discontentment will rise up because true contentment is found in the obedience of saying “yes” to the ask – no matter what the ask actually is.

So, what does one do after all the running……… when they decide it’s better to be obedient to take that first step even without all of the answers? Well, for me, I shall write. Create and share. Because for goodness sake, the world NEEDS another blog… (insert sarcasm here). But all kidding aside, I am going to write and give more space in my life to remove discontentment from disobedience. Because there will always be a place of unfulfilled wonder if there has been something asked of us to carry out yet abandoned by our own discomfort.

So today, before a New Year resolution can bring other demands. Before another excuse can be justified, I am inviting you into this space that is not necessarily about me or you either (although I do hope you receive something from this all). It is about being obedient to the ask that God has placed in our hearts and therefore we stand FREE because of the refusal to be hijacked in the land called…. “what if”.

NOW DISCLAIMER. This “blog” is not a one-way lane. It will be messy. It will be colorful. It will have everything from my favorite resource for Kiliim pillows to a discussion on leadership or how to engage people to fight crimes against humanity. Because a world that is artfully crafted, kind and dignified is always a good idea. It will include others and hopefully stir you to think outside of the box. To create, yourself. {And more than likely say something totally inappropriate. So forgive me now, my friend}

And during this own journey of mine I am inviting you to do the same and say YES to that one thing that deserves a yes in that life of yours that only you can own.

Let’s enjoy the ride together.

Luke 11:28

28 He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”